Our children need good sleep. It is critical for their development and growth. And they can do so simply with a pleasantly smooth fitted sheet and a convenient and comfortable pillow to finde refuge in. If, in addition, we favor an environment conducive to sleep and relaxation, then we can be assured; we will also spend a good evening.

At Micuna we believe that the quality of our tissues is as important as the study of the color palette and decor that will accompany the little ones in their hour of tranquility. We study the trends, harmony between colors, and all of this we keep in mind when designing our cots and our textiles.

The bedding ought to be in natural fabrics like cotton. The fitted sheet goes with jelly beans that are perfectly suited to the crib, and the top sheet can be printed, embroidered, with colors or go in a neutral tone.

Micuna has baby sheets available in the following sizes: 40x90 cm, 50x80 cm, 53x60 cm, 60x120 cm, 70x140 cm, 90x190cm. We design sheets to match the furniture, getting an elegant and harmonious room.

All our fabrics have the Oeko-Tex label given by AITEX for complying with all safety regulations in this industry; textiles must be fire resistant, mite and breathable.

So as we always say, safety is our thing, you enjoy the rest. Sweet Dreams.