Do you know the fun Smart cradle by Micuna? You can choose a range of colors for the case. You can also choose the structure in beech wood, painted white or metal. Thanks to the mobility and lightness of the Smart cradle, your baby will be near you in any room of the house. Includes a zipper for closure so that your baby is protected from any damages. The cover tissues for the Smart cradleare soft and delicate. Breathable, lightweight, fire resistant, easily removable, washable and very comfortable for your baby’s rest.

As accessories, we offer the case, unfilled for warmer seasons and so you can exchange it with the one your Smart included. Also the breathable case, thanks to its design allows the baby to breathe quietly when he is upside down.

Micuna manufactures its textile covers with 100% natural materials such as cotton, and all our fabrics have the Oeko-Tex label, which is given by AITEX for complying with all safety regulations in this industry: textiles must be fire resistant, mite and breathable. In the advanced version of Smart, Smart Fresh, the lateral tissue is the cradle’s grid, so you can see your baby even lying in bed.

Micuna also has available the scissors cradle, which is almost entirely made up by textile sheath. It is very practical because it is easy to remove for washing, and once you no longer use, takes very little space for storage, since the scissor structure folds comfortably.