MICUNA has been caring for our children for more than 40 years, seeking and providing solutions to make their arrival to the world more secure, comfortable and peaceful. All this experience, supported by constant research, has accomplished that materials currently used are environmentally friendly and comply with all safety norms, without losing sight of the designs, trends in fashion and functionality of the products.
When we pass our baby from the cradle to the crib we have a major factor in mind: protection or bumpers. As mentioned, our baby will spend many hours in the crib. You know that at MICUNA we use wood for making our cribs, being a noble, compact and durable material that brings warmth to the room of our children. Even if it is modeled with round shapes, we must consider that wood is a rigid material and if our baby is restless and wiggling, it is convenient to protect some areas.
For this means Micuna manufactures crib bumpers. They are made in fabric and protect our babies if they move sharply against the walls of the crib. They have as main characteristic that they cover all or part of the inside the crib being padded with filler. They adapt to the cradle using different systems, such as Velcro, buttons, metal snap buttons or bows, among others.
Among the many additions that Micuna makes our children’s room, you will see that crib bumpers are very functional. You'll also find lots of different collections to combine with the rest of textiles in the room and that way design your ideal room.