Then came time to decide ... How can we cover our baby when sleeping?
When the time comes to dress the crib we were raided by some doubts:
Will he be cold in winter?
Will he get very hot in summer?
Is it good for perspiring or will he sweat a lot?
What if he gets uncovered?
Will we be able to wash?
For the little one-being winter- we started using a crib quilt skirted the Basic range of Micuna and since he was a baby there was no problem with him uncovering. But time passed and clearly the problem came, when he started moving all night and not surprisingly, he got uncovered continuously.
After searching and comparing different alternatives, the store recommended us crib sacks and as we had the Micuna crib, it was very easy to find a bag from this brand with the same size (note that there are several) and that we were was according with the decoration (they also have a lot of designs).

What was left of winter was so great, well covered with a very padded sack that came with your sheet and with a zipper so the baby did not unwrap himself, and spent the night perfectly. The best was when summer, as we thought it would be worth to be too warm, but it turned out that these bags carry a filling that pulls out for washing. Thus during the warmer months simply remove it and use the cover that is breathable as if it were a double sheet, with the advantage that we can continue using the zipper. Thus our small Pitu does not have heat but neither is uncovered at night.
Thanks MICUNA!