Micuna has quilts and nordics in the following sizes: 40x90 cm, 50x80 cm, 53x60 cm, 60x120 cm, 70x140 cm and 90x190cm. All the Nordic cases and quilts are 100% cotton. Our collection is designed very professionally, following global trends to offer our customers the best design with different graphics for every age and a broad range of colors.

We pay attention to every detail and every aspect of the production cycle, so that our products are reliable. Our textiles are stamped with Oeko-Tex seal, granted by AITEX, all made of 100% cotton and with allergy treatments.

At Micuna you have a wide variety of prints: exquisite quilts embroidered with Swarovski crystal accents that will make your child’s room the most elegant of the house; Nordics with carefree bolder designs and vivid colors that remind us that childhood is joy, laughter and color; basics for those who like to go unnoticed and have their inspiration in the Nordic and minimalist style.

The Nordic imposes on the quilt since several years ago. Thus, the more youthful, casual aesthetic also comes to the nursery. We want to be practical, since it is easier to make the crib or bed with with the nordic. In addition, the Nordics are removable and easy to wash, allowing changing the motif of the room and give it a different air as the seasons change

Your children will feel comfortable and warm among the quilts and Nordics made by Micuna: so much, you have to will have to wake them up every morning.