All MICUNA bedrooms meet the strictest European safety standards. The safety of your child is most important in the design of the bedrooms. So you will not find any furniture that this sharp or with protruding edges. In addition, at MICUNA we do not use harmful paint that could harm the health of your child.

With the diversity of styles, colors and finishes from our collections, you'll find the room you have imagined for your child. We conceive the atmosphere of the little ones as a universe full of complicity, laughter and tenderness. A concentration of well being that will evolve over the years.

Mothers and fathers are responsible to provide small a warm atmosphere in which to grow. The perfect is that your room is simple, the furnishings are willing to approach and considering basic safety rules, as they are quality furniture.

It is advisable to design the room around small spaces that are going to change as children’s needs do. What at first was the baby changer area can be converted into a study space for the child or a reading corner.

Confident with our experience in children's furniture for over 40 years, we bring practical and functional ideas, as well as timeless lines, which will evolve over time and make the child bedroom a comfortable, cozy and playful space.

The transition from crib to bed is a hard step to take. For our little ones is not easy, used to spin from side to side and always feel collected by the barriers of the crib, when suddenly finding themselves in a much larger space, are sometimes lost.

Micuna, always concerned about the well being of the smallest ones, continuously researches and develops products for this age, which is quite extensive, the entire stage of childhood. So far in the market we can find small beds, which are ideal for children from the time they are able to walk until 6 or 7 years old. Micuna has a great deal of cribs that convert into beds and evolve with the child until that age.

Moreover, this last year alongside the Polytechnic University of Valencia, we have developed a new evolutionary crib. It is the Hamitic LIFE crib, where the passage of the crib to bed is much more staggered and easy for baby. First, you have a crib that you can use from newborn is because the mattress has different positions. Secondly, once the mattress is already provided in the lower position, coinciding with the time the baby is beginning to walk, the LIFE crib allows removing the bars you want, leaving a space so the child feels free to come and go, but always without losing sight of safety; the child is protected during sleep and cannot fall. Third and finally, the bars of the crib, which are available in 15 different shades so you can design yourself crib and bed, can be changed for a shorter bars that convert the crib into a colorful crib. Enjoy playing with your child choosing the colors of the bars and combine them however you like.

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