And where I keep this?

The arrival of the new king/queen of the house also means the arrival of many small things: bodies, small pajamas, shirts, shorts, skirts, pacifiers, diapers, etc. All of a small New World! And we must save, organize, keep them handy and always close to our baby.

The best and most elegant of responses to meet these new needs are given by Micuna through their magnificent children chest drawers. Designed to be perfectly integrated into the rooms of the little ones, they will fit like a charm with your style and decorative concept.

You can find functional and modern in the Basic catalog, but also luxurious, stylish and spacious as the Amelia Aran, Doudou, Sky, Neus, Alexa, Juliette and childish Duende collections. All made with the best materials and specially designed to meet the needs of the most demanding moms and dads.

Moreover, endowing the top of the child’s chest drawer with a nice changer, we cover the baby's needs in a practical and elegant way. We can opt for the traditional changer or the twist changer, specifically designed for tight spaces where every inch counts.

How easy it all is with Micuna!