Our baby will inevitably grow to become a child who goes to school and has a very different set of needs and interests. At school age, it is a desk is essential, its own space to study, do homework or read. But even before we can help our child develop his cognitive skills teaching him how to paint, draw, do puzzles, etc. Sooner than you think you will be considering the need to buy a desk for your child.

From Micuna we recommend that the desk is large enough to have on hand all you are going to use, with lines that go accordingly with the rest of the room, but simple enough that they will not distract the child and at the same time it must have a design that enlivens your imagination and his desire to be sitting there doing his homework. It is important that the child feels comfortable in that space, that is part of him.

Our CODODO MO-1639 cradle has dual functionality and when we no longer need the cradle, it can be used as a desk for the first years of our son.

At Micuna we not only think about the baby, but try to help parents with the task of furnishing the nursery.