Nothing so close to your dreams as your bed headboard. Designed to create a warm and peaceful atmosphere to accompany the hours of rest of your little one. Made with the warmest material that nature has given us, wood: beech, walnut, pine, etc. or more modern materials, but also based on wood like MDF. Each headboard has its characteristics, with its particular finish, the one you like and you are looking for to add a personal touch to the room of your child.

Headboards lacquered in different colors, encumbered with beautiful grounds or screen printed with subtle forms allow you to customize the watchtower on which what you love most in the world rests.

The headboard is part of a wholesome which forms the room, the universe of our little one, which is why none of the details that make up this environment should stop being pampered and cared for with complete dedication. We should note that during the first years of life our children spend most time in their room, and therefore our decisions become more trascendent than we can imagine initially. Lighting, temperature, furniture and their arrangement are basic concepts on which we must focus our attention.

Under this spectrum, the experience that Micuna treasures from over 40 years creating solutions for discerning moms and dads, is an excellent supporting point on which to build the future of our most precious asset. Among the magnificent rooms you can find at Micuna we can highlight Amelia Aran, Doudou, Neus Luxe, Sky Luxe, Alexa, Juliette, Elf and Anastasia collections.

What a variety! How easy it is with Micuna!