Bath time is one of the most beautiful and special moments for dads and babies alike. It is an intimate moment that you share with your children, bathing them, but playing and talking with them, knowing them and enjoying their reactions. See how they enjoy splashing or moving their toys on the water surface is something unique and unforgettable.

Depending on the baby’s age, we will use some products or others, some supplements or others to make this time more enjoyable and comfortable as possible.

There are many types of products for the bathroom. At MICUNA, we have them classified as INFANT BATHTUBS and there are several types.

On the one hand, there is comfortable bath furniture or bathtubs, which are as like dressers with drawers. At MICUNA they usually are furniture with 4 drawers, which have a container called a cuvette, where you can bathe your baby during its first six months. This furniture also has a cover changer, where you can dry, put lotion and dress your little one. The water in the bucket that has been filled previously, can be discarded through the bidet shower or through a built in infant bathtub drain using a rubber extractor.

There are other simpler infant bathtubs in our catalog, like foot tubs and baskets tubs, where you can also store all the necessary tools to bathe your baby every day.

Our tubs also incorporate soap containers and utensils like cream, sponge, comb or perfume.