Minimalist, rustic, classic, loft, exotic, zen, chic ... You have a thousand options. You can fill it with princesses, dragons, dinosaurs, giraffes, bears, stuffed animals, stars, rockets ... Your imagination is the limit!

The long awaited moment of preparing the room has arrived, to unleash your dreams and realize them, to translate these into what will be the future apartment our kids, their small home: THEIR ROOM.

To do this we propose you at MICUNA a fabulous world full of fantasy where you can choose every detail, from classic to modern, from the simplest to the most colossal, so you can have fun designing and decorating. Power to creativity! We want you to focus on enjoying your baby’s room while we monitor their safety and well being.

At Micuna we have been innovating and creating rooms for more than 40 years. We invented all kinds of furniture with details that stimulate our babies’ senses: swivel or cuddly ball rattles to develop their touch, musical applications with lullabies to relax their ears, and to develop their view we include LEDs, bright lights Swarovski or countless painted, molded or grooved patterns.

And all this great sphere of reflected ideas and realities are alongside the most cared for materials, environmentally friendly, complying with the latest product standards, so that the room for your baby has furniture that you fall in love with. And is made with love, but we also want to give you all the tranquility and confidence you need right now, because we've made it to be strong, compact and safe.

Relax, it’s Micuna

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