You just lived one of the most amazing experiences of life: a baby has come into your life and you've probably spent a few days in the hospital, cared for by professionals who have been worried that nothing lacks for you and your baby.

But it is now time to go home, perhaps with fear but with great enthusiasm; You'll finally be alone with your new family. The baby is only a few days old when you leave it gently in his cradle and smuggle him between soft 100% cotton sheets. Then you stay admiring the tiny little thing, with just a few kilos of weight, sleeping sweetly, and you realize that in a few days he is the little person you love most in the world and the one who needs you most. You don’t want to be away from your baby, he is used to go everywhere with you inside your belly, to hear your voice, your movements, and feel comfortable with this daily music.

Micuna is by your side to make your life easier and give you the safety you need those first days. It offers a wide range of cradles to make your little one feel like in the womb and you can take it anywhere around the house. We have researched different shapes and sizes of cradles to find the ones that promote sleep and relaxation for the baby. Oval, rectangular or with swings, all with wheels to move it through the different rooms of the house without interrupting the baby sleep with all the safety needed.

Micuna once again leads in change and goes one step further. After many surveys to moms, we realize that many yearn for transparent cradles like the ones at hospitals because they can see their babies at all times. Knowing this we designed the SmartFresh cradle, with an oval design that keeps the baby tight, and with the grid walls that allow you see your little one even when lying in bed. Sweet dreams.