Accessories for cradles are essential in many cases. Sometimes these accessories allow us to decorate or adapt our cradle for our particular needs. In others, the accessories are essential, since we will use them daily, and therefore, we must acquire from the very begginning.

In this group of supplements we can find both the mattress and cradle sheets that cover it. As we already mentioned, the best option is for your baby to spend the first months of his life sleeping in the cradle, as well clothed and comfortable as you can make him feel, and you can carry him around the house easily.

As for the choice of mattress, it is important for it to be firm and, if possible, with a ventilation system. As for the sheets, you will need to purchase several sets, because you will have to wash them frequently.

Another accessory that you must consider before purchasing your cradle is the canopy. Usually optional, not all cradles are built to complement with a canopy, so if you are interested in this supplement you must confirm whether the cradle that you like has this possibility or not. At Micuna we can recommend canopies for cradles. They clothe the cradle and make your baby feel more secure.

You should also check that accessories for the cradle meet the required quality standards. Micuna guarantees you that.