The cradles are the perfect place to rest baby’s rest in the first stage of his life. The cradles are cozy, with soft lines and gentle colors that are designed considering the welfare of our little one, where they feel comfortable and safe.

Comfort or safety, as it cannot be other way, are not against design. Despite the wide range of tastes, classic or modern, minimalist or more baroque tastes, mainstream tastes often go hand in hand with the trends of the era in which we live.

Right now, trends are pure, simple, slightly detailed, minimalist lines. And MICUNA has led the way in the children's furniture industry in this regard. Its designs are adapted perfectly to current tastes. Products with sober and basic designs, with straight lines, lightly decorated and with little color mixing are reflected in such product references as CODODO, HARMONY SINGLE, or SMART LIFE.

MICUNA has all these beautiful but simple models, modern cradles that adapt to your tastes and lifestyle, and, above all, are cozy and comfortable for your newborn. Enter the MICUNA world. Your baby will enjoy it.