When choosing a cradle for our baby it is clear that the first thing we look for is a nice product with an original design. At Micuna we offer a wide range of possibilities; from the Smart cradle to the Cododo, all our cradles are different from each other but with a common link: originality.

Their small size makes cradles ideal to be transported through the house; we are confident that even in the smallest room there is space to place one without any problems.

The Micuna cradles are designed with love, since we are aware that these will be the first little beds where your baby will sleep. Therefore, our cradles are lightweight, comfortable, very original and, above all, very safe for the smaller one in the house.

Once we found our original cradle that is best suited for our needs and tastes, we wonder how long we can use it, how long can our baby sleep in it. Our answer is clear: each baby is unique, and the time he spends in his crib will depend on many factors (the baby’s size, his restless or calm temper, etc.). As a general rule, the little ones usually stay in the cradle until they are 6 months old, but you must allow your instinct to guide you in order to know when it is the right time to move from your baby's cradle to a crib.