Before the arrival of our baby, we have to think through which kind of cradle we want. And it will be in the cradle where our baby spends most of the time during the first weeks and months of his life.

To make the baby feel at ease and comfortable, the ideal is choosing a crib made in wooden material, which will transmit warmth to our little one. The interior space measurements of our cradles are designed so that the baby to feels protected, feels completely safe and does not get the feeling of being lost in a wide space.

One of the most important points we must consider before choosing a crib, is the safety issue. We have to make sure that the product you are buying meets all current safety regulations. The most important thing for parents is that your baby sleeps in a safe place. To MICUNA this is also crucial, so our products pass all required tests and are adapted to European safety standards.

Our wooden cribs perfectly combine safety, quality, design and warmth.

Micuna has variety of wooden cribs:

The MO-1542 Juliette for the classic fans, which gives prominence to the baby without forgetting the hand cared details.

The MO-1639 CODODO, for those who opt for co-sleeping and enjoy its benefits.

The scissors cradle, a classic that is still well liked and in which we still count on our catalog.

We also have in our Basic catalog the MO-1616 MO-1625 cradles, simple cradles, with design and a very competitive price.