The crib is the resting place for your baby, in which he will remain a large part of his time during the first months of life.

The features you should consider when choosing your baby's crib are mainly two: that it is safe and its quality. It must comply with all safety standards currently laid down in European legislation, among which we have non-toxic paints and varnishes, rounded without overhangs, wheels with brakes, the minimum distance between bars, etc.

The material with which this crib is made is another factor to consider when choosing a crib, and a noble material such as wood gives a warm and friendly environment for your baby.

That the cradle covers all your needs is another aspect to consider, and for this we have cribs of several dimensions to be used for longer periods; some with several somier positions for the different stages of your baby's growth, with drop sides for convenience and easy access to baby evolutionary cribs adapting to growth, convertible cribs that transform into several elements to complete the room of your little one in his early years, etc.

The illusion of the baby's arrival makes imagination and creativity become skin deep and that's where the design also takes its importance, choosing a style crib that is closest to your tastes and preferences.

At Micuna we are a company dedicated for over 40 years in crib manufacturing and in our cribs have slept more than a million babies, thanks to the confidence their families have placed in our brand, a market leader. Our team is evolving, applying the latest technologies in research and development to continue offering families safe and quality design cribs.