A new crib concept born to wrap your baby dreams and grow with him: our convertible or evolutionary crib.

Micuna grows with babies and offers a wide range of practical and functional cribs: convertible cribs. This line of cribs is very wide, both in shapes and utilities: from having your own baby crib to the bed for a more grown up age.

In its original crib version, it allows you to have in a single module spaces as useful as a changing mat and drawers for clothes or whatever you need. These cribs evolve and grow with the baby, becoming a 90 bed, trundle bed or drawers, desks, dressers, shelves or even a couch, depending on the model, and virtually no additional items. The current model CONVER KIDS is ideal for parents who want the room to evolve with their children.

Micuna has created within this field the evolutionary crib, which unlike the convertible, is a crib that evolves with the baby, but without all the items. Proof of this is the Nordic design and cutting edge HARMONY crib, which due to its versatility, is an extensible cradle and as a crib and it has a built chest drawer including a changer; or the new and colorful LIFE crib, that of larger measures when used to cradle becomes park or crib. Thanks to its removable bars of colors, allowing you to get multiple utilities and develop your creativity enjoying a fun family time when assembling.