We all know that cribs are products for a very specific use: sleeping. They help our babies rest and dream quietly. But these products also have a large range of accessories that make enable them many more utilities.

If we think about storage, for example, at MICUNA we have adaptable drawers for all cribs where you can store all kinds of bedding, baby clothes, or anything you want to have on hand.

Other add-ons can make the crib a real treat for the little ones. Musicals that sweeten bed time and relax the baby; adaptable baby changers that allow wiping in a time of need, the rocker that will cradle gently, etc.

We have also decorative items that can help you customize your crib, making it more personal. Among them, motives in different materials that adhere to the crib’s headboards, adhesive vinyl in multiple designs for children, products made in fabrics similar to those of your own bedding, as the cradle wall to store creams or tissues, or the diaper bag or pajamas drawer, and many more great accessories that will make your crib a versatile and convenient product.

Browse our catalogs to find all complements to this great product, the crib.