We're on release: the Harmony evolutionary crib fits smaller spaces in a new version, the Harmony Single. Both versions retain the original features such as the crib changer, convenient to change your baby without interrupting its dreams, or to massage him just after bathing, helping to reconcile a sweet, placid and happy sleep.

Micuna also offers a changer that fits the crib and has different positions so you can lie down the baby without any problems.
It is highly recommended to unite in one space the area of ​​sleep and baby dresser, because in their first months of life both dynamics go hand in hand. The baby will wake up because he needs a change and then you’ll have to put him back to sleep.

Our changers have the perfect consistency for a baby to feel comfortable while retaining stiffness well enough for the baby to stay safe inside. The dresser mat is waterproof and composed of easy to clean and durable materials. We have a wide range of covers for the changer. These covers are 100% cotton and worn on the body, which is the part where the baby lays back, a loop reinforcement, a natural and soft fabric caressing the sensitive skin of your child. Choose the design that you like; There are many different styles for all types of rooms.