Rest is critical to both the physical and emotional development of a baby, something that primarily concerns us all as parents who want our babies to rest in comfortable and safe cribs.

The modern cribs have as a main characteristic simplicity and elegance. Such simplicity is found in the straight and clean lines of the product, the luminosity of the soft colors in each of the details that make our crib one where the real protagonist is our baby.

Modern children’s cribs accompanied by details; cute little bunnies, moons, stars, candy bears; details that will make our babies feel accompanied in this world of fantasy and imagination in which we will convert their rooms, where they will be comfortable and safe.

Examples of modern cribs are the home luxe sky, seeking harmony between the straight lines of its design and the brightness of its star with swarosky elements and the neus crib, whose elegance in its design also lies in its simplicity.