The MICUNA products are perfect when looking for something original and different; something that makes us feel special and unique. And the arrival of a child is always one of those moments when we try to surround ourselves with authentic and genuine things, to make their environment a unique place.

MICUNA cribs are original, because they are different, because they are designed to make you and your baby feel special. They are tailored to create the environment you have always imagined for your child with innovative, original and imaginative products. Our products create trends, are at the forefront, and have a unique design.

A perfect example is the original crib LIFE model: a crib with endless combinations and constructions. You decide how you want your crib; we give you the tools for you to create your own original and unique model, making combinations to your taste with the variety of options available.

Enter or visit any of our distributors and see it for yourself.