Micuna brings all the experience and the expertise to help you create a special place for your baby's sleep and for him to begin discovering the world around him.

Wood is helpful in creating a serene, warm and natural environment, giving a comfort sensation. We can choose neutral, white or natural tones; they will all bring light to the room. In addition, cribs are decorated with cute little puppets that help will your baby sleep peacefully. And, once asleep, that sweet, happy face, mouth half open, the flushed cheeks, arms open wide, and the little hand that grabs the bar of the crib, soft, warm and firm, giving you all safety he needs in order to have the sweetest dreams.

Micuna started as small artisan woodwork to become a leader in children's furniture. True to their initial values, it develops all its wooden cribs with 100% natural and ecological materials, carrying a sustainable manufacturing process alongside the environment. Each piece is carefully designed by experts for your baby to sleep safely so you can have a relaxed sleep. All Micuna cribs are finished with water-paint techniques, a barrier against childhood allergies. It is the first company that complies with European quality and safety standards, backed by certified quality controls by AIDIMA.