Baby high chair, a tailored seat.

Just as necessary as the crib to sleep, is the high chair to eat. The high chair is an essential element when the baby begins to eat solid food, usually starting at the sixth month of his life.

From that moment, the chair becomes a traveling companion essential for our baby, spending there several hours a day, since its use is not only restricted to meals, but sometimes the little ones use them as playground, etc.

It is important that from small ages children get used to sit properly in order to avoid postural problems in the future. At lunchtime they should sit with their back up straight, resting at the chair back and with their feet flat on a footrest.

This is why we must choose well, looking for a high chair that is practical, safe, and to our liking. The uses we will have for it will determine the model we end up choosing, which will depend on where we want to locate it at home, at what times we will use it, if we want to it evolve alongside the child, etc.

Among all models that exist, wooden high chair with removable tray and convertible in table and chair sets are a perfect partner to grow with the baby, allowing him to enjoy with the parents during mealtime and accompanying them when playtime.

At Micuna, with over 40 years of experience in manufacturing baby products, we have developed this concept as the ideal and most functional of the market. Made with quality wood and elements such as harnesses, footrests and plastic upholstery, it offers all the safety and stability guarantees that require the care of our children.