Lunch time!

In the market there are many accessories for high seats that will make easier the task of feeding your child. Therefore, once you have the high seat for the king or queen of the house, it is time also to acquire certain accessories that will help during mealtime.

At Micuna we can help you; we have trays and covers to protect your baby's high seat. A variety of models and colors for covers. We recommend that you choose the one you like most, that is also easy to apply and remove and, above all, can be easily washed in the washing machine.

High seat trays are very important. You have to choose trays that can be washed with comfort and have a bit of leveling at the edges to prevent liquids from falling to the ground. Please note that your baby will be constantly pouring food and fluids in your chair. Our trays have this leveling, so with Micuna trays this problem is solved.

In addition to the cases and accessories, it is important that you have prepared flatware, plastic preferably. Currently there are plenty of products of this type which are very comfortable and practical. There are also thermal plates that keep the food warm and can be of great use during the baby's first meals, which are a little difficult because the baby eats very slowly. With these dishes, avoid constantly heating food.

Bon Appetit!