Does your child need a convertible high chairs? Great! Micuna has several models you can choose from. Go ahead.

Our baby is growing and it is time to move from breast feeding or bottles to solid foods, their first meals. It is at this point that we start looking for the high chair that best suits our tastes and needs. There are many models of high chair. From MICUNA we strongly recommend that you pay close attention to the convertible high chairs, which are enormously functional and practical, allowing you to extend the life of the high chair, making our investment more profitable.

It is very important that you ensure the integrity of the structure. That it stands firm in the ground is essential proof its stability, whether it is made on wood, metal or plastic. High chairs come with wheels or no wheels. Micuna recommends high chairs without wheels, since they are much safer for the baby. The tray has to be, besides from resistant, removable for two reasons: first, to lay the baby comfortably and, secondly, to clean it. All trays for Micuna high chair can be easily removed.

The material for the sitting in the high seat is also an important point. It should be easy to clean and if it can be removed for machine washing, better.

All high chairs from Micuna evolve. The Ovo, for example, becomes a chair for their youth, and other high chairs in our catalog become a table and chair set to paint and play. Surely your children make their first drawings in our high chair. What do you think? Bet for Micuna high chairs. It is a safe bet.