Evolutionary high chairs are always one of the favorite choices for moms and dads. The evolutionary high chair is one that grows with our little ones and accompanies them on their journey through childhood and later in their teens. The success of these high chairs is due to, seeing its functionality and its prolonged use, the investment is fully profitable.

There are evolutionary high chairs in different styles, designs, and prices, made with different materials. The most common, and in addition the most versatile, are the high chairs made in wood. As we already mentioned, MICUNA is an expert in wood, since the foundation of our business is the manufacturing of children's products in this natural material, compared to other companies that specialize in the manufacture with plastic or metal.

The wooden high chairs, finished in natural or dyed wood colors, and the lacquered in white or bright colors ones, allow their adaptation to any room of the house, either the kitchen, a natural place to locate a high chair, or the dining room.

Evolutionary high chairs evolve through systems that make the space where the child sits be augmented, as well as the height of the chair, the footrest, the tray removal, etc.

Models like the TORTTA high seat from MICUNA, or the OVO, are clear examples of evolutionary high chairs and their superior quality, which adds to their completely innovative, unique and exclusive design.