Thehigh chair is the perfect place to feed your little child. The high chairs are high and draw the baby closer to the natural height of his parents so that they can be fed, but they also draw the baby near the height of the table where we are all eating or just talking, so we can integrate the child in our activities.
There are many types of high seats: high seats that evolve with the child, following the various stages of their growth into adulthood, from high seat to a child chair, and finally a juvenile or adult chair, and depending on their design, they are conceptualized to be used in kitchens or living rooms. There are also others that become other items with very appropriate uses at the age in which the child stops using the high seat, and we also have high seats that can have different simultaneous applications.
This is the case of high chairs that convert into table and chair sets. The high chair, built from two main and separate pieces together, chair and table, is formed by placing the chair on the table, through some pre designed holes that raise the baby seat to the desired height. Subsequently, with a simple movement, we can separate these two pieces, while allowing the child to enjoy a low infant chair and a small table on which to draw, play and making it and indispensable element for its own motor skill and intellectual development.
MICUNA has since many years ago this type of products, created in solid beech wood and with many color combinations that allow many options to choose from. You can see them in the high chair section of our different catalogs, MICUNA and BASIC by MICUNA, which are available on our website.