There is no material more noble than wood among nature. Not even man's hand, despite progress, has improved this natural material. Are you going to give your baby anything other than the best? Surely not! Neither will we of course.

In search of the most natural woods and enjoyable natural textiles Micuna’s wooden high chairs were born. Warm, cozy and practical, equipped with a classic or modern design, they are able to provide the solution you need, and still perfectly suit your tastes, combining perfectly with the decor of your home.

Now, ecology is a constant concern for Micuna and we have very clearly outlined our social responsibility towards future generations. That is why all the wood we use comes from forests certified as environmentally sustainable, in which a single tree is not cut without having repopulated more than enough for their sustainability.

The result of the combination of all these factors is the wide range of wooden high chairs Micuna has at your disposal, from among which we highlight the high chairs OVO, a paradigm of cutting-edge design and winner of numerous national and international awards.