MICUNA Group was born in 1973 with the founding of the company Francisco García Moreno, located in the town of Silla. It introduced in the market wooden cribs, at a time when metal cribs dominated the market. Thus, from the beginning, the company has set trends within the children’s furniture sector. And forty years after it still does.

In 1981 the company was renamed MICUNA SL and moved its facilities to Sollana, Valencia. Currently, with a total of 35,000 m2, it continues with the manufacture of furniture for babies, expanding its activity with logistics services, polishing, melanin production and management.

Micuna currently has 97% of penetration within the domestic market. More than 2,000 childcare specialty stores have the presence of MICUNA Group products in their windows. The international expansion is consolidated with the introduction of our products in major countries.

Recognized worldwide for the quality and safety of its products, MICUNA is the absolute leader in the domestic market and is also the fourth largest European company in the manufacture of cribs and furniture for children.

The focus on child protection and the development of the initial capacities of the child, its autonomy and personal development is a firm commitment at MICUNA.

In line with this mission, at MICUNA we take into account important values: solidarity, fair competition, safety and welfare of workers, respect for the environment, support for mothers and working women, customer loyalty, collaboration with suppliers, diversity in the organization, tolerance, dialogue, compromise, overcoming prejudice and discrimination, openness to change, creativity at work, professional updating, cooperation with institutions and organizations, quality, safety and respect for the rights of children.

Being part of the organization and sharing these values, you become part of the MICUNA project.