At Micuna we know how important it is to maintain the vitality and stimulate the imagination of children. Our commitment with future generations is strong. All our furniture is made thinking for the infants and children that will sleep and grow in Micuna rooms.

As pioneers in the introduction of wooden cribs on the market, our commitment is to maintain this innovative spirit in everything we do, bringing our ideas and our efforts to make magic a reality in our products.

But MICUNA’s commitment goes further and takes into account other important values: solidarity with both public and private organizations, fair competition with competitors, safety and welfare of workers who are part of the company, respect for the environment and support for mothers and working women.

Our commitment is also very strong with our customers, loyalty to them is constant, collaboration with suppliers that offer us the tools to make our furniture materials, diversity in the organization, tolerance, dialogue, compromise, overcoming prejudice and discrimination, openness to change, creativity in work, professional development, cooperation with institutions and organizations, quality, safety and respect for the rights of children.

With MICUNA products, your children will grow under the protection and care of those who most love them.