Micuna has currently almost 100% penetration at national level; there are over 2,000 retailers that sell Micuna furniture throughout Spain.

At the same time, Micuna is a company that is constantly growing. We continue to increase our exports year after year, already reaching over 35 countries worldwide.

The good work of the company and its unblemished trajectory make Micuna count on a strong and consolidated structure, reaching easily many types of customers. And this is achieved by offering different catalogs to suit different purchasers and the diverse market needs and demands.

Micuna catalogs have many styles: classic, current, or forever and news. So whatever your style is, we are sure you will find in any of our catalogs the perfect furniture for your baby.

After more than 40 years of experience, we are pleased to tell you that more than 1 million children have slept in our cribs and all thanks to the thousands of parents that have placed their trust in our brand. Thanks you all for that!

Safety and quality are the best guarantee Micuna has to offer.

Find your nearest store, our experts will help you find the perfect furniture and crib for your baby.

See you there!

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