At Micuna we know how important safety is for children. Therefore, we developed the safest children’s furniture for your baby to rest in peace. Learn all the safety of our products in their design, use of materials, finishing touches made, product post testing and protection multipliers details.

Safe children’s furniture means it meets safety standards which proves that Micuna’s products (cribs, high chairs and other furniture for the nursery and baby) are not potentially dangerous to our children. Having verified the distance between bars, the dimensions of holes, radios, sharp edges, sharp corners, mechanisms and so on we have removed all the design flaws that have a potential risk.

At MICUNA we control this process from conception and product design until the verification prototypes. The prototypes which pass all the tests come to the outlets of more than 40 countries worldwide.

The child safety MICUNA furniture has intended for infants is of particular relevance. We avoid any problems or damage caused by a defect in the design, manufacture or finishing of cribs, high seats, beds, changing tables and chairs . Hollowness is not allowed, we have foot support zones that allow climbing, safe dimensions bars, crowbars security ties, shear or pinch points, areas where you can put your fingers, toxic paints, etc., are the issues that are thoroughly analyzed in each of our designs.

The compliance of MICUNA to all safety regulations allows us to have the safest children’s rooms.