The heart of MICUNA is our workshop. MICUNA is an industrial company, and that means that their core business is the manufacture, for which the company has developed and achieved during its 40 years of existence, first class facilities.

The combination of tradition and technology makes this factory capable of manufacturing products with excellent finishes and based on some quality parameters hardly achievable by most of its competitors, whether Spanish or foreign.

With over 35,000m2 of facilities, the MICUNA workshop houses machinery with the latest technology available, much of it developed specifically to meet their own production needs, giving it a considerable advantage over their competition.

But the most important value of this factory, regarding the current trend of moving production to third countries, is its commitment to the territory in which it is located. The workshop is in Valencia, in the heart of the Albufera Natural Park, and is therefore an engine of job creation in the province and in Spain. More than 120 families live from this stable and safe workplace. And it is these people that enable the MICUNA workshop to be the heart of the business.