Be2In Wood Co-Sleeping Kit

kit colecho cuna 120 x 60 cp 1828 be2in wood A

The CP-1828 BE2IN WOOD Co-sleeping Kit gives our 120 x 60 cm cots extra functionality, allowing you to sleep peacefully close to your baby whenever you want. The optional accessories for co-sleeping include lifting straps for fastening, an upholstered mat and a base to join the bed and the cot, complying with all the safety guarantees.


External dimensions: Width 116 cm / Height 12 cm / Depth 13 cm

Material: MDF board

Colour: White

Compatible with: Occitane, Magic Mum, Dolce Luce, Bonne Nuit, Nino, Globito, Koala, Sabana, Sweet Bear, Cosmic, Bubu, Estela, and Nicole cots.

Not compatible with: Under cot drawers

– Height adjustable co-sleeping board
– Includes straps for anchoring to the bed, a bridging board, a metal bracket for the bridging board, and a mattress
– Thanks to its lifting straps, it reaches up to 5 different bed base heights

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