Micuna cares for your baby’s sleep

At Micuna, we offer safe, environmentally friendly products, so you can create a space for your baby that is full of love.

We are a Spanish family business that has been dedicated to designing and creating bedrooms, high chairs and furniture for the newest additions to your family for over 45 years.

We are located next to the Albufera Natural Park in Valencia, and from here, our products have crossed borders into more than 35 countries, thanks to their design and high quality.

We dream of making the planet better for the future, so all our products are made with wood from sustainable forests, and finished with water-based paint that has antibacterial protection. Evolving, multifunctional and environmentally friendly.

Micuna’s OVO highchair, for example, has won prizes internationally and is on display at the MoMA in New York and in the museum of modern art of Valencia.

Quality, safety, and natural, evolving designs that care for your baby and the planet



MICUNA was created in 1973, when our founder, Francisco García Moreno, together with his wife María Eugenia, decided to fulfil one of his life’s ambitions by opening a small carpentry workshop in the town of Silla (Valencia). He was a hard-working, visionary, helpful and enterprising young carpenter, and he manufactured wooden cots.

At that time, in Spain, there were a lot of metal cots on the market, meaning that our wooden cots were an innovation.

The first steps were taken on a small scale. In addition to designing and manufacturing the cots, Francisco personally undertook all the sales work, with the help of his brothers, as well as delivery and service in the shop. This dedication, personalized service and exceptional care meant that the demand for our brand grew very quickly, as we gained the trust and commitment of all our customers.

It was in 1981 that the company was renamed MICUNA, having borne Francisco’s name, FGM, up until that date. The factory also moved to larger premises in Sollana (Valencia), next to the Albufera Natural Park. And we have been there ever since. All of us consider it a luxury to be able to enjoy one of the most unique landscapes in our community, and work alongside it.

In a short time, thanks to the quality and design of the cots, the company went on to expand its facilities and employ more staff. We became a leader within the domestic market and cultivated a presence abroad, which continues to grow.