Globito Cot

cuna de 120 x 60 globito A 1

Globito is a Micuna cot that is 120 x 60 cm. It is robust, but light in appearance. Our Globito teddy bear appears in the form of a soft, elegant line drawing. It is an ideal cot to combine with any décor.

As an option, you can add on several other Micuna systems: The DUO kit, which converts two cots into twin cots, the Pendulum System that allows the cot to be rocked by a rocker drawer, or the RELAX SYSTEM, which is a practical system that allows you to move the cot mattress between two different positions: horizontal, or at an inclination of between 7º and 10º, without having to lift the baby out of the cot or wake them up. The DESK kit is another optional Micuna system, which you can use to turn your baby’s cot into a practical desk. The Be2in Wood kit also allows you to convert it into a co-sleeping cot, with a system of fittings and straps that are easy to install and which have all the relevant safety guarantees. And also, you have the optional MICUSSORI barrier, which is the perfect accessory for when your baby learns to get in and out of the cot by themselves.

This collection is designed and manufactured in Spain.

Point of interest:
Our cot is made of beech wood and lacquered in white, using water-based paints and non-toxic varnishes. All our wood comes from sustainably managed forests, and we develop our designs, production and distribution under the ecodesign premise. We have a strong commitment to green manufacturing.


External dimensions: Height 98 cm / Width 66 cm / Depth 121 cm

Internal dimensions: Length 117 cm / Width 59.5 cm

Material: Beech – Lacquered MDF

Safety Certificate: European

European approval: UNE-EN 716-1/2:2008 (+A1:2013)

Colours: White

– 3 bed base positions
– Movable side
– 4 wheels, two of which have brakes for added safety

– CP-949 Luxe under cot drawer
– CP-1688 Rocker drawer
– CP-744 Cot changing table
– CP-1775 Relax System Kit
– CP-1774 DUO Twin Kit
– Wide choice of cot mattresses 117 x 57 cm
– CP-1828 Wood co-sleeping kit
– MONT-1863 Micussori Safety barrier

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