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Relax System Kit 120×60

somier inclinable cuna 120 x 60 cp 1775 kit relax A

Our patented Relax System® allows you to sit the baby up a little at an angle of between 7º and 10º, or put them in a horizontal position, without needing to wake them up.

Benefits for the baby’s health:

– Reduces spit up after feeding and sits the baby up a little if they have reflux.

– Reduces the risk of ear infections as a result of colds or catarrh.

– Reduces excess wind. One of the most frequent pains suffered by babies is pain produced by wind, as it presses on their abdomen and can cause infant colic. The reclining position promotes the elimination of wind and aids the baby’s well-being.

– In newborns, the liver is their largest internal organ. This position prevents it from becoming displaced and moving towards the pleura, avoiding pressure on the pleura.

– It improves breathing, and promotes better lung development.


Material: Beech – MDF

Colour: Single colour

Not compatible with: Twin Kit

– It is included as standard in all the cots from the MICUNA SELECTION catalogue

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